Texturised Butter rising to the challenge

Texturised Butter

Texturised Butter

Middledale Foods continue to be a step ahead with the launch of Texturised Butter to the UK market. This all-butter ingredient has been structurally changed to give excellent laminating properties and improved plasticity whilst keeping a comparable mouth feel to butter. This ingredient has been proven to produce a dramatic effect in the rise of products produced from laminated doughs, either yeast-leavened or not such as Croissants, Danish Pastry, Puff Pastry, etc. Conventional tempering procedures are used before use and at the same time the user can claim an ‘all-butter recipe’.

After a series of trials carried out by their development chef in a test bakery, the butter produced 23% more volume in layers of croissant compared to standard butter. The Development Chef stated ‘I have never seen an ingredient like this, it is a simple replacement of the standard butter. However it has unbelievable lift properties. The buttery taste and light eating quality are really impressive for both the croissant and the puff pastry’.

These results are supported by excellent performance in full scale commercial production as highlighted in the photographs.

Texturised Butter from Middledale Foods has 82% fat min. and has consistent all-year round firmness, plasticity and melting properties. In traditionally churned butter these properties will of course vary throughout the year.

The product is available in 10 kg and 20 kg blocks and can be offered at attractive prices relative to alternative butter products used in laminated doughs.

Middledale Foods is a highly reputable company that has been supplying dairy ingredients to food manufacturers and foodservice providers for over 20 years. Their high quality product range now extends to beyond dairy to liquid egg products and more recently dairy-free. For more information please contact Middledale Foods on sales@middledalefoods.co.uk or browse the website. www.middledalefoods.co.uk