Suppliers of milk products

Middledale Foods are suppliers of Milk Products for Food Manufacturers and we are able to supply bulk milk and creams with a wide range of specifications. We are also suppliers of bulk milk and cream with Provenance and can source milk from Wales, Derbyshire and the Peak District and our Organic cream is produced in the West Country.

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Milk and cream has many features and benefits in a wide range of applications:

  • Skim, Semi-skimmed and whole milk can be used as ingredients for a whole host of applications such as milk drinks, yogurts, ice cream and desserts, sauces, cheeses, etc., etc.
  • Jersey Milk has a higher fat content than conventional whole milk giving a unique creamy taste and is more yellow in colour. This makes it ideal for indulgent ice creams and luxury desserts.
  • UHT Evaporated milk can be used in desserts, confectionery products, ice cream dishes and sauces. It can also be used to replace reconstituted full cream milk powder. It contains 31% total solids corresponding with 2.4 times concentration of milk and is stored at ambient temperatures. This is ideal for those with no chilled storage facilities.
  • Single, double and whipping cream are all key ingredients in the production of applications such as ice cream, bakery goods, ready meals and desserts. With varying fat levels and process options we will have a cream that will suit your functional requirements. For luxury products we can also offer Clotted Cream and Jersey cream. If chilled storage is not available we can supply UHT Single and Whipping creams
  • Organic Milk & Cream – There is renewed interest in organic ingredients, particularly for baby foods and nutritional products. We can offer a wide range of organic ingredients to suit most requirements.

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Our range of milk and cream ingredients is shown below:

Ingredient:                               Fat Content:                       Other Options
Skim Milk                                            0.1%                       also Skim Milk Concentrate
Semi-Skimmed Milk                           1.7%
Whole Milk                                        3.5%                      also Organic Whole Milk
Jersey Milk                                       4.5%
UHT Evaporated Milk                       9%
Single Cream                                    >18%
UHT Single Cream                            >18%
Double Cream                                 >48%                     also Organic Double Cream
Whipping Cream                               39%                     also Organic Whipping Cream (41%)
UHT Whipping                                    35%
Clotted Cream                                  >55%

If you would like to discuss your bulk milk or bulk cream requirements, please email us or call 01491 638900

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