Organic Products

The importance of supplying organic products cannot be under played, and with reported growth of 4% in 2014 in a deflationary food market, the significance of organic products remains high. Many of our products are available in organic formats, from milks and creams to yoghurts and other cultured products. We also supply bulk organic butter and hard cheese options as well as organic egg powders.

Organic Products Middledale Foods Milk – whole, semi & skimmed
Cream – single, double & whipping
Yogurt – whole milk, greek-style, low fat, VFF
Butter – unsalted/salted SC, unsalted lactic
Cultured products – reduced fat crème fraiche
Hard cheese – mature, medium mature & mild cheddar
Egg products – whole egg, egg white, egg yolk, salted egg yolk
Powder – skimmed milk powder

If you do not find what you are looking for, we will endeavour to find a solution for you.