No 9 Eat More Waste Less

Eat More, Waste Less, this is the motto for the new government initiative. The government are cracking down on food waste more and more now, pushing people to make the most from their food and create less food waste. The Food Industry is estimated to waste £5 billion worth of food each year!

In 2014, Tesco admitted to throwing away 28,500 tonnes of food and made a pledge to the nation to do something about it. Last year, Tesco and many other supermarkets began donating thousands of pounds worth of food to charity.

This is something we are passionate about here at Middledale Foods and have compiled a few easy suggestions of how as a nation we can reduce waste:

  • Only buy what you need – In Britain 7 million tonnes of food and drink is thrown away every year, and more than half of this could have been consumed. This can cost up to £470 per household a year.
  • Plan ahead and make a list of what meals you will eat and then shop to order. This will ensure you don’t buy on a whim and buy too much.
  • Buy frozen or UHT. This prevents waste as you only take out what you require. This is ideal for our food manufacturers who only require small volumes for a specific recipe or have limited chilled storage.
  • Use your hard cheese in soups and sauces. When your cheese is on its last legs, use to spruce up a soup, sauces and even cheesy mash. Gives a shot of flavour and makes the dish lovely and creamy.
  • If you milk is near its used by date freeze it in portions and then add it to tea, coffee and sauces as required.
  • Yogurts and fromage frais can be frozen. Ideal for making frozen lollies and healthy smoothies if near the end of life.

For more information on wasting less please go to lovefood hatewaste

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