BRC Accreditation of Middledale Foods

BRC Agent & Brokers Certificated

We are pleased to confirm that Middledale Foods has just achieved accreditation to the BRC Global Standard for Agents & Brokers and with zero non-conformances.  This demonstrates that our quality management systems and standards meet the recognised and latest requirements of the food industry and as a result, puts us ahead of most of our competitors.

Our customers and the brand owners can therefore have increased confidence in our supply chain management, traceability, legal compliance and ultimately consumer protection.  We also only source products from manufacturers with BRC or equivalent accreditation and which meet our stringent supplier approval procedures.  Our total supply chain therefore has robust quality procedures in place, which are in line with best practice and are subject to regular third party audit and are fully accredited.

Our manufacturing partners can also be assured that Middledale Foods is a high quality route to market with exacting quality management systems and standards in place.

With our company having BRC accreditation, our customers can now fully comply with the new Agents and Brokers clause (See for their own accreditation to Issue 7 of the BRC Global Standard for Food Manufacturing. This will be a requirement for audits carried out after 1st July 2016.

We are also accredited by the Organic Food Federation and are thereby licensed to supply a wide range of Organic Dairy and Organic Egg ingredients to food manufacturers. Our manufacturing partners for these materials are approved by Middledale Foods and also accredited in turn to the appropriate organic authorities.

In addition, we support ethical sourcing of our ingredients and have been a member of Sedex (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange) for some years.  This provides an assurance that we adhere to best practice relating to ethical data, audit reports and certification, giving us more time to focus on our customers’ needs.

With an unrivalled range of Dairy and Egg ingredients for supply to food manufacturers in the UK and abroad, Middledale Foods can now be your preferred partner for supply of fresh dairy solutions.
For more information, please visit our website or contact us.

Suppliers of milk products

Middledale Foods are suppliers of Milk Products for Food Manufacturers and we are able to supply bulk milk and creams with a wide range of specifications. We are also suppliers of bulk milk and cream with Provenance and can source milk from Wales, Derbyshire and the Peak District and our Organic cream is produced in the West Country.

whipped cream middledale foods

Milk and cream has many features and benefits in a wide range of applications:

  • Skim, Semi-skimmed and whole milk can be used as ingredients for a whole host of applications such as milk drinks, yogurts, ice cream and desserts, sauces, cheeses, etc., etc.
  • Jersey Milk has a higher fat content than conventional whole milk giving a unique creamy taste and is more yellow in colour. This makes it ideal for indulgent ice creams and luxury desserts.
  • UHT Evaporated milk can be used in desserts, confectionery products, ice cream dishes and sauces. It can also be used to replace reconstituted full cream milk powder. It contains 31% total solids corresponding with 2.4 times concentration of milk and is stored at ambient temperatures. This is ideal for those with no chilled storage facilities.
  • Single, double and whipping cream are all key ingredients in the production of applications such as ice cream, bakery goods, ready meals and desserts. With varying fat levels and process options we will have a cream that will suit your functional requirements. For luxury products we can also offer Clotted Cream and Jersey cream. If chilled storage is not available we can supply UHT Single and Whipping creams
  • Organic Milk & Cream – There is renewed interest in organic ingredients, particularly for baby foods and nutritional products. We can offer a wide range of organic ingredients to suit most requirements.

v ice cream

Our range of milk and cream ingredients is shown below:

Ingredient:                               Fat Content:                       Other Options
Skim Milk                                            0.1%                       also Skim Milk Concentrate
Semi-Skimmed Milk                           1.7%
Whole Milk                                        3.5%                      also Organic Whole Milk
Jersey Milk                                       4.5%
UHT Evaporated Milk                       9%
Single Cream                                    >18%
UHT Single Cream                            >18%
Double Cream                                 >48%                     also Organic Double Cream
Whipping Cream                               39%                     also Organic Whipping Cream (41%)
UHT Whipping                                    35%
Clotted Cream                                  >55%

If you would like to discuss your bulk milk or bulk cream requirements, please email us or call 01491 638900

jersey cow

Cheese suppliers – A Cheesy Story

Cheese Suppliers

It all started back in 1995 when Nigel Salsbury founded Middledale Foods. He wanted to supply bulk dairy ingredients to food manufacturers and food service providers. Now 20 years on the business has grown immensely, employing 8 members of the team and seeking to become the UK’s leading dairy and ingredients supplier in terms of innovation.

The broad product list has also expended in line with market trends and consumer needs within Middledale Foods. What originated as basic cheese, sweet cream butter and standard yogurt, have now been developed into a comprehensive range of UK and European cheese (grated, sliced and crumbed), Texturised butter (for use in laminated doughs and puff pastry) and dairy-free yogurt alternative. “These product developments have put Middledale Foods in a strong position to meet both customer and consumer needs and have taken them ahead of the competition in sectors such as the free from market” says Sarah Summers, Company Director.

The company has built strong links with a variety of high quality Manufacturing Partners, covering a range of dairy and associated ingredients. This approach ensures that they can provide  solutions to a customer who may require a portfolio of products such as double cream, liquid egg and parmigiano reggiano cheese.

If you would like more information on any of the bulk ingredients we supply please contact us

If you have browsed our website and cannot find what you are looking for please get in touch as we will endeavour to find a solution for you.

Texturised Butter rising to the challenge

Texturised Butter

Texturised Butter

Middledale Foods continue to be a step ahead with the launch of Texturised Butter to the UK market. This all-butter ingredient has been structurally changed to give excellent laminating properties and improved plasticity whilst keeping a comparable mouth feel to butter. This ingredient has been proven to produce a dramatic effect in the rise of products produced from laminated doughs, either yeast-leavened or not such as Croissants, Danish Pastry, Puff Pastry, etc. Conventional tempering procedures are used before use and at the same time the user can claim an ‘all-butter recipe’.

After a series of trials carried out by their development chef in a test bakery, the butter produced 23% more volume in layers of croissant compared to standard butter. The Development Chef stated ‘I have never seen an ingredient like this, it is a simple replacement of the standard butter. However it has unbelievable lift properties. The buttery taste and light eating quality are really impressive for both the croissant and the puff pastry’.

These results are supported by excellent performance in full scale commercial production as highlighted in the photographs.

Texturised Butter from Middledale Foods has 82% fat min. and has consistent all-year round firmness, plasticity and melting properties. In traditionally churned butter these properties will of course vary throughout the year.

The product is available in 10 kg and 20 kg blocks and can be offered at attractive prices relative to alternative butter products used in laminated doughs.

Middledale Foods is a highly reputable company that has been supplying dairy ingredients to food manufacturers and foodservice providers for over 20 years. Their high quality product range now extends to beyond dairy to liquid egg products and more recently dairy-free. For more information please contact Middledale Foods on or browse the website.


Dairy Suppliers with added value

Middledale Foods Dairy Suppliers

What do we do?

We describe ourselves as Suppliers of Dairy and Egg Ingredients to Food Manufacturers. Some people use the terms agents, brokers or wholesalers to describe us but we are not just a distributor of a range of products. We aim to understand our customers’ requirements and to recommend the most functional Dairy Ingredient solution at a cost-competitive price and to ensure that those ingredients are delivered as and when required by our customers and of course at a competitive price over the longer term.

What products do you offer?

Our product range is summarised as follows:

    • Butters
    • Creams, both fresh and UHT
    • Milks, both fresh and UHT
    • SC Milks
    • Yogurts & Cultured Products
    • Soft Cheeses
    • Grated Cheeses
    • Organic Dairy & Egg Ingredients
    • Milk Proteins & Dairy Powder

Where are your Ingredients produced?

They are either in the UK or elsewhere in the EU. Each of our Manufacturing Partners has been approved by us and almost all have third party accreditation from recognised authorities such as BRC, IFS, FSC22000, etc.

We work with a wide range of Manufacturing Partners and who are specialists in their field. For each of our Dairy and Egg Ingredients, we have trusted manufacturers producing the highest quality products for our customers.

Many of these relationships have been established for years and we have built a rapport of good honest trading and with substantial business attached. Our buying power and our financial standing means that the price we can offer to our customers is competitive in the marketplace. We actively negotiate competitive prices in the changing market place so that our customers can benefit in the longer term.  In other cases we have exclusive supply arrangements so that our customers have access to a wider supply base than otherwise.

For certain products we hold stock at accredited stores for prompt delivery by approved transport contractors and in other cases we arrange fresh production and prompt delivery direct to our customers. If any issues arise we take ownership of that issue and aim to ensure a prompt solution is achieved to meet our customer’s requirements.

So why use us?

This is a good question.

We like to be more than just dairy suppliers. Every member of our team has industry experience and a vast knowledge of product development, technical expertise and application know-how. This means we are here to help when your company needs us. By understanding your requirements in strict confidence we can help you find the right ingredient for your products and processes. This could be a new concept, an addition to a current line or a direct replacement for an ingredient you use currently. Our broad portfolio of products and packs and an extensive range of Manufacturing Partners should ensure that we can recommend the most suitable product for your company.

Briefly, we aim to work in partnership with our customers to our mutual benefit.

Whats new?

Additional to all of this, we are constantly growing and innovating in line with consumer trends and customer demands. This is why we have recently launched our own ingredient, a dairy-free alternative to yogurt, Yo-Good. This is the first product in our dairy-free range with other products in development such as a dairy-free cheese. These products are ideal for manufacturers producing products in the rapidly growing free-from sector.

How do I get in touch?

Easy. For your individual ingredient solution please Contact us through the website or alternatively call us. We look forward to hearing from you.


Day in the life of a Chef

Our Development Chef, Gary, is a very busy man, but he has spared us some of time so we could ask him the following questions:

Name: Gary Anderson

Age: 37

Job role: Consultant Development Chef

What first attracted you to the food industry?

I Started off washing up – as many do – and found the work to be sociable.  I’ve always loved food and used to write our ‘menu’ for Sunday lunch at home when I was a child. I’ve always enjoyed providing food and hospitality to people

Do you have a preference for the type of products you develop? 

I’m a big fan of traditional food – be it British, Italian, Indian – anything that has classic, tried and tested flavour combinations

What is your biggest achievement to date?

Judging at the World Cheese Awards 2009 and 2010

What do you think are the 3 most important factors in being able to deliver successful customer briefs?

Read the entire brief first! It often surprises me when people start work on a project after just reading the first page.

Direct lines of communication with the customer – on a daily basis if necessary – are also key

Most of the recipes need to be scalable as they will be produced in a factory environment.  It’s all very well to take a ‘chef’s view’ and to ‘eyeball’ ingredients but in practical application, the scale is mightier than the eye!

Who is your biggest professional influence and why?

My first boss, Andrew Millar.  He taught me so much about hard work.  He left school with few qualifications and is now living in the south of France

How do you deal with difficult clients?

It’s important to rationalise and understand why they are being difficult.  If there is a genuine issue then rectifying the problem quickly is important.  If I feel that there isn’t an issue then calm discussion is always the best way!

Where do you seek inspiration for the products you develop? 

There are so many TV shows and programmes that can help.  Eating out regularly also keeps me up to date with new trends and techniques.  I also look to books of the past when chefs and cooks were more restricted in the products they could use – sometimes less is more!

Have you got a restaurant recommendation for us? 

Where I live in Birmingham there are now five Michelin starred restaurants so in terms of those I’d say Purnell’s every time.  On a budget, there’s a family run Vietnamese-Chinese place called Min Min noodles which is wonderful

Where would you like to be in 5 year’s time?

If I haven’t won the lottery I’d like to be developing more of my own ideas, working with great ingredients!

What would you like as your epitaph? 

‘You could always eat’

How do you relax outside of work?

When you have worked with food and beverages all your life you arrive at a point at which your work and social life blend into one, so eating and drinking are always up there!  I enjoy travelling within the UK – I don’t think we do this enough as a nation – it’s surprising how a British staple like a steak and kidney pie can change just by crossing a county border!

For more information on the work that Gary has been doing for Middledale Foods or any other enquiries please contact us.


Can dairy products lower blood pressure?

Yoghurt Middledale Foods

Dairy products have been consumed for many years and make up a large proportion of our Western diet. Up until quite recently they have been thought to be beneficial to our health and provide us with key vitamins and minerals, however, they now seem to be getting a poor reputation. This may be due to a variety of factors such as, the increase in media focus on free-from foods.

However, could it actually be beneficial for your health?

A study by Southern Clinical School of Medicine in Australia carried out a systematic review on adult patients with elevated blood pressure (EBP) that consumed dairy products. These included (sheep, cow and goats) milk, cream, yogurt, cheese and custard which contained a variety of fat levels.

The purpose of the study was to not only review the effects of dairy on blood pressure but also more specifically the type; low-fat vs full-fat and solid (cheese) vs liquid (milk/yogurt). The results of the study did statistically conclude that a consumption of dairy food was associated with a reduce the risk of  EBP by 13%. However, the association was clearly linked with the low-fat products showing 16% reduction compared with full-fat having no association. This study also went on to prove fluid dairy for example, milk, cream and yogurt, was more beneficial at reducing EBP than solid.

This study concludes that we should be consuming 2-3 portions of low fat dairy per day to reduce our risks of elevated blood pressure proving that dairy can be beneficial to our health after all.

If you are a food manufacturer and would like to buy dairy and organic products in bulk format please contact us

To read this study click here:

Is organic REALLY better for you?

We have all heard about organic being better for us and holding more nutritional value than conventional non-organic foods, but how do we know if this is true and if it is worth paying the price.

A recent study by Newcastle University has shown that organic meat and dairy (including milk, cheese and cream) can contain up to 50% more omega-3-fatty acids such as EPA, DPA and DHA.

The study also confirms that conventional milk contains 74% more of the minerals, iodine and Selenium. The Association of UK Dieticians state that a diet high in iodine can lead to thyroid problems. It has also been suggested that in the UK dairy products provide 35-50% of iodine intake so the consumption of organic milk with a balanced diet the total dietary intake is likely to be sufficient.

Organic milk was also found to contain significantly higher levels of a-tocopherol (Vitamin E) and iron both of which have a positive effect on the body in the appropriate amounts.

Organic livestock are heavily regulated by the European Union to ensure they meet the necessary standards to claim ‘organic’ status. These include ensuring they are reared outdoors for the majority of the year (this can vary dependant on region and breed) and that 60% of their feed must be fresh or conserved forages. Additional to this, supplementing the cereal based foods with minerals is permitted to give extra nutritional value.

The study concludes:

“high fresh forage intakes by grazing animals (as prescribes by organic farming standards) increases concentrations of nutritionally desirable fatty acids (e.g. PUFA, MUFA, omega-3 fatty acids, CLA) and antioxidants/ vitamins in milk, while high intakes of concentrates have the opposite effect”

The findings from this study highlights the necessity for further research to reinforce the potential health benefits of consuming organic dairy produce.

To read the full paper, as published in the British Journal of Nutrition, go to:

We can supply bulk ingredients – please see our range of products or contact us

Meals on Wheels (with a twist) zooms in at No 10

Image result for food box with food in

Meals on Wheels (with a twist)

Meals on wheels, the concept thought only to be for the elderly or invalids, is now coming to your front door….with a slight twist… have to cook it yourself!

With people’s lives becoming busy and working hours stretching past the 9-5 it is no wonder there is more and more meals on wheels style companies starting up. People are looking for healthy food that is quick and easy to prepare and they don’t have to go out and shop for it.

The growth of companies such as hello fresh, nutri chef, home chef, body chef to name a few are seeing huge growth year on year with 2016 looking to be its best yet. The concept is simple, the company send the consumer a box filled with a recipe card, fresh ingredients to make that recipe and then deliver it straight to your door. They carefully weigh out specific volumes for the recipe to save time with weighing ingredients and also it ensures you have no waste.

HelloFresh have also teamed up with celebrity Chef, Jamie Oliver, to bring its customers fresh new ideas and dishes from the man himself. Boasting the freshest ingredients from British suppliers, they showcase where the produce is coming from to give piece of mind that the food you are eating is from credible suppliers.

The idea of having meals delivered that are reasonable in price, contain seasonal delicious ingredients and exclusively, curated recipes by a celebrity chef gives traditional restaurant delivery a run for its money, the only downside is you actually have to cook it yourself.

If you are a meals on wheels company and are looking for bulk dairy, non-dairy, egg and organic products to use within you meals we would be happy to assist. Please contact us

No 9 Eat More Waste Less

Eat More, Waste Less, this is the motto for the new government initiative. The government are cracking down on food waste more and more now, pushing people to make the most from their food and create less food waste. The Food Industry is estimated to waste £5 billion worth of food each year!

In 2014, Tesco admitted to throwing away 28,500 tonnes of food and made a pledge to the nation to do something about it. Last year, Tesco and many other supermarkets began donating thousands of pounds worth of food to charity.

This is something we are passionate about here at Middledale Foods and have compiled a few easy suggestions of how as a nation we can reduce waste:

  • Only buy what you need – In Britain 7 million tonnes of food and drink is thrown away every year, and more than half of this could have been consumed. This can cost up to £470 per household a year.
  • Plan ahead and make a list of what meals you will eat and then shop to order. This will ensure you don’t buy on a whim and buy too much.
  • Buy frozen or UHT. This prevents waste as you only take out what you require. This is ideal for our food manufacturers who only require small volumes for a specific recipe or have limited chilled storage.
  • Use your hard cheese in soups and sauces. When your cheese is on its last legs, use to spruce up a soup, sauces and even cheesy mash. Gives a shot of flavour and makes the dish lovely and creamy.
  • If you milk is near its used by date freeze it in portions and then add it to tea, coffee and sauces as required.
  • Yogurts and fromage frais can be frozen. Ideal for making frozen lollies and healthy smoothies if near the end of life.

For more information on wasting less please go to lovefood hatewaste

Image result for food coming out of bin cartoon waste less

If you are a food manufacturer and would like more information or ideas on our range and how we can adapt it to suit your needs please get in touch