Meals on Wheels (with a twist) zooms in at No 10

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Meals on Wheels (with a twist)

Meals on wheels, the concept thought only to be for the elderly or invalids, is now coming to your front door….with a slight twist… have to cook it yourself!

With people’s lives becoming busy and working hours stretching past the 9-5 it is no wonder there is more and more meals on wheels style companies starting up. People are looking for healthy food that is quick and easy to prepare and they don’t have to go out and shop for it.

The growth of companies such as hello fresh, nutri chef, home chef, body chef to name a few are seeing huge growth year on year with 2016 looking to be its best yet. The concept is simple, the company send the consumer a box filled with a recipe card, fresh ingredients to make that recipe and then deliver it straight to your door. They carefully weigh out specific volumes for the recipe to save time with weighing ingredients and also it ensures you have no waste.

HelloFresh have also teamed up with celebrity Chef, Jamie Oliver, to bring its customers fresh new ideas and dishes from the man himself. Boasting the freshest ingredients from British suppliers, they showcase where the produce is coming from to give piece of mind that the food you are eating is from credible suppliers.

The idea of having meals delivered that are reasonable in price, contain seasonal delicious ingredients and exclusively, curated recipes by a celebrity chef gives traditional restaurant delivery a run for its money, the only downside is you actually have to cook it yourself.

If you are a meals on wheels company and are looking for bulk dairy, non-dairy, egg and organic products to use within you meals we would be happy to assist. Please contact us