Can dairy products lower blood pressure?

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Dairy products have been consumed for many years and make up a large proportion of our Western diet. Up until quite recently they have been thought to be beneficial to our health and provide us with key vitamins and minerals, however, they now seem to be getting a poor reputation. This may be due to a variety of factors such as, the increase in media focus on free-from foods.

However, could it actually be beneficial for your health?

A study by Southern Clinical School of Medicine in Australia carried out a systematic review on adult patients with elevated blood pressure (EBP) that consumed dairy products. These included (sheep, cow and goats) milk, cream, yogurt, cheese and custard which contained a variety of fat levels.

The purpose of the study was to not only review the effects of dairy on blood pressure but also more specifically the type; low-fat vs full-fat and solid (cheese) vs liquid (milk/yogurt). The results of the study did statistically conclude that a consumption of dairy food was associated with a reduce the risk of  EBP by 13%. However, the association was clearly linked with the low-fat products showing 16% reduction compared with full-fat having no association. This study also went on to prove fluid dairy for example, milk, cream and yogurt, was more beneficial at reducing EBP than solid.

This study concludes that we should be consuming 2-3 portions of low fat dairy per day to reduce our risks of elevated blood pressure proving that dairy can be beneficial to our health after all.

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